Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dog rig for Aardman Animations Video Demo

Hey, as promised, here's a short demo showing the Dog rig in action. As mentioned before, for this character the Aardman guys didn't need a complex rig but rather a quick and flexible one. I didn't put any fancy features but had to pay attention to the skin weighting in order to achieve good deformations and volume preservation. Hope it shows how sometimes it's not all about complexity, simple rigs can be effective and good fun. Time spent on building it: 5 days. Model and blend shapes done by Martin Blunden.


  1. Hi,
    Your rig is awesome, deformations are working so well. Particularly for the mouth.

    In order to achieve this kind of rig, is it all about skin weighting and good corrective shapes ?
    And for the face of the dog or in general, how do you make so big deformation for the mouth ? Are you using corrective shapes ?

    Anyway, big fan of your rigs !!!

    Hope to see your new demo reel !!!

  2. Really cute. Is there a place where we can see the pooch fully rendered and animated in a scene?