Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Anomalia 2011 Rigging Course

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spent two weeks in the Czech Republic giving a Rigging Masterclass. It was part of the Anomalia professional training courses which take place at the European Training Center in Litomysl, a beautiful Bohemian town close to Prague.

Once again, it's been a great experience to share with the students (actually professionals of the field most of them) our ideas, techniques and also a good knowledge about all types of czech beer brands, thanks to the local guys!

Sooo, I'll be looking forward to going back to Litomysl in the future for the next course. Thanks a lot to David Tousek for all his effort on organising the courses and counting on me for the rigging masterclass. And thank you so much to all the students for being so enthusiastic and for their patience!

ps. And thanks to Vasilis for this self-explanatory drawing, a great advertisement for future students. Plok!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cow rig for Aardman's "Moo"

Recently finished this character rig for a new Aardman's commercial, created for Colman's new instant beef gravy. Directed by Bobby Proctor, and nicely animated by the great Mathew Rees.

It's been interesting to deal with the biped-quadruped rig issue. As usual, we used two different rigs, but in this case even two different models were created and rigged for each version.

Check out the final animation here, hope you like it!