Saturday, 10 October 2020

My old demo reel, just in case...

I'm currently putting together a new showreel but, in the meantime, why not sticking here the old one?
Hope you like it!


  1. hey there victor...
    reallly like the rig that you have there...
    i would like to know if you can make this rig avalable for demoreel animation .....
    i really wanna animate the first rig that you show in this demo.


  2. What's are the new features compared to your old rig?

  3. Hey Ryan, there are a bunch of new features as well as variations to the existing ones. Just to name a few: the new rig is completely adaptable to any character, has ik fingers, elbow/knee pinning, better limb bending, new secondary face deformers, a new blendshape mixing system, etc.

  4. hey man, i would like to know talk with you. i have one character. and well i want to have a character with this kind of flexibiliti. i would like to now the cost.

  5. That sounds great! Anonymous above had a good point. Will you make it available online for purchase, like The Setup Machine 2' by Anzovin Studioshe Setup Machine 2' by Anzovin Studios?

  6. Or any chance you make a DVD on Rigging training? That would be awesome.

  7. vitor hi could you tell me who is this song that you used?

  8. Hi guys! I have started to re-activate this blog. The actual motivation is that I'm almost ready to distribute the businessman rig, for free!
    I'm currently fine-tuning it, and in a matter of days you will be able to upload it from this site.

    Spread the word!

  9. hi

    Amazing rig, have fallen in love with this rig. Is this rig available for animators fro demo reel purpose.


  10. Wonderful work Victor, I'm looking forward to play with the businessman rig!

  11. Impresionante tu trabajo, Víctor.
    Ya estoy deseando ver ese nuevo reel :-)

  12. fantastic work ! thank you Victor to share this with us !!

  13. Awesome work!!! I'm wondering though about the music, could you share the artist and title name? thanks

  14. hey! for those asking about the music, it's the main theme in the soundtrack of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Cheers!

  15. Julio C. De Modesti14 January 2011 at 10:21

    Hi Victor.

    My name is Julio and I'm studying rigging and i just saw your rigging... congrats !! Your work is amazing !!

    I'm with a problem in my rigging and I would like to know if you can help me with this.

    I'm trying to do the same kind of ik/fc auto-snap.
    I did a mult parent constraint... I select a empity node of the world, the head's controller, hip's controller and finally the IK controller, than I apply a parent constraint.

    The problem is: I set the constraint to follow my head, so I move the head... When I change my constraint to follow the world (for exemple), a offset happens !! Because the IK go for the absolute place, and don't work of relative way.

    In your video, you change all the time the constraint follow and don't happens offsets.

    Could you please give a light with this ?
    I'm really trying hard make my rigging work, but i don't have idea what I should do.

    my email is:


  16. Hi Victor!
    I am a big fan of this rig. I saw this rig long time ago, and just bumped into it again in youtube.
    when are you planning to release this business man rig? I wish i can animate that rig!!

  17. Hey Victor Nice Setup you are truly an Inspiration... It will b really great from ur side if u can share how to make the face GUI.. or u can just give the idea alone... i am new to MEL nd has searched all cmnds in mels maya doc. but was not able to find those type sliders and box...

    Thanks For the help
    Sidh :)

  18. hi victor,
    the whole community is waiting for your rig to be free.
    thanks agains.

  19. Even if is not for free Victor! Just put that rig out man! :)
    Anyway, great rig you create. Congrats.

  20. Hey Victor,

    I sent you an email the other day, and I was wondering if you've had the chance to take a look.

    Thank you very much.


  21. May I ask if this rig is blend-shape-based or joint-based facial rig? If it is blend-shape-based. How many shapes you need to create a rig like this?

  22. Hey Victor,

    I'm sorry if I'm being rude. It's that I really like the look of your Business Man Rig, and I was wondering how the rig fixing was going? It looks like such an awesome fun rig to animate, I would really like the opportunity to animate it when it comes out. I'm truly sorry if I'm bothering you.
    I'm looking forward to the rig coming out.

    Thanks for understanding.



  23. That Non-roll shoulder setup is awesome!
    I read yr explanation at cgsociety forum, but as a Maya rookie myself, it sounded alien.

    Can you break it down for me_

  24. I love a good video about rigging! Thanks for sharing!